Throughput of Russian seaports inches up 0.8 percent in Jan-October

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14 Nov 2011

russia_map_02Cargo traffic at Russian seaports in January-October this year rose 0.8% over the same period last year to 443.9 million tons, the Association of Sea Commercial Ports said.

According to ASOP statistics dry bulk transshipments increased by 8.7 percent year-over-year, to 192.9 million tons. The ten-month volume includes 65.7m tons of coal (+13.8%), 32.7 m tons of containerized cargo (+20.8%), 6.8 million tons of ore (+39%), 6.3 million tons of ferries cargo (+2.3%), 4.8 million tons of unitized cargo (+27.7%), 3.8 million tons of refrigerated cargoes (+18.8%), 3.4 million tons of non-ferrous metals (+3.6%), 3.1 million tons of scrap metal (33, 5%), 2.2 million tons of sugar (+16.1%).
Handling of ferrous metals fell 15.2% to 20.1 million tons, of mineral fertilizers – by 1.9% to 10.5 million tons, of timber cargo - by 9.7% to 5.1 million tons. Grain exports amounted to 13.8 million tons.
In the reporting period liquid bulk shipments dropped 4.5%  to 251 million tons, including crude oil – by 7.7% to 161.7 million tons, petroleum products – by 1.8% to 87.9 million tons.
The ten-month volume of outbound cargoes climbed 0.8% to 337.6 million tons, with a 20.3% gain in inbound cargoes, to 37.7 million tons. Transit cargoes rose by 10.5% to 41.8 million tons.
Stevedores of the Arctic Basin lifted 35.3 million tons of cargo, down18.9% from a year earlier due to a 37.3% slump in liquid bulk volumes (16 7 million tons). Shipments of dry bulk cargo amounted to 18.6 million tons (+10.3%). Murmansk port and Varandey Oil Terminal saw a major decline in liquid bulk volumes, 46.6% and 44.9%, respectively, with Vitino port throughput down by 1.7%.
Throughput of the Baltic Sea ports increased by 3.6% on last year’s numbers, to 153.4 million tons, including 59.4 million tons (+13.3%) of dry bulk and 94 million tons (-1.8%) of liquid bulk cargo. Stevedore companies of Big Port St. Petersburg handled 50.2 million tons, a 3.8% gain year-on-year, the port of Ust-Luga cargo traffic surges by 1.8 times to 17.7 million tons. Port of Primorsk cargo volume shrank by 4.2%, freight flows at Vysotsk port fell 12%, Kaliningrad and Vyborg ports reported a slight decline, 2.2% and 4%, accordingly.
Total cargo throughput of the Black Sea basin ports was flat on last year’s figure, at 142 million tons. Dry bulk transshipments there grew by 3.9% to 51 million tons, of liquid bulk cargo - fell by 2.1% to 91 million tons. Ten-month cargo traffic at the port of Novorossiysk fell 2.7% to 96.2 million tons, the port of Kavkaz cargo volume dropped by17.2% to 7 million tons, of Azov port – by 0.5% to 3.8 million tons. Cargo handling at marine terminals of the port of Tuapse rose 8% to 15.9 million tons. Rostov-on-Don demonstrated a 26.4% growth to 8.1 million tons, Yeysk port throughput climbed 1.1% to 3.1 million tons, of Taganrog port - by 19.9% to 2.9 million tons, of Temryuk port - by 33.1% to 2.1 million tons.
In the reporting period, the Caspian Sea basin ports handled 8.4 million tons of different cargoes (+4%), including 4.3 million tons of dry bulk cargo (-15, 1%), 4.1 million tons of liquid bulk (-11.2%). Makhachkala port ten-month cargo volume grew by 11.3% to 4.4 million tons, the port of Astrakhan throughput fell by 11.2% to 3.5 million tons, of Olya port - by 44.3% to 0.4 million tons.
Seaports in the Pacific basin transshipped 104.8 million tons (+6.8%), including 59.6 million tons (+10.1%) of dry bulk cargo and 45.2 million tons (+2.7%) of liquid bulk cargo. The regional ports demonstrated strong results in Jan-Oct., including Vostochny (with Kozmino terminal volumes) that handled 32.2 million tons (+8.7%), port of Vanino throughput rose by 9.5% to 15.9 million tons, of Prigorodnoye – by 0.7% to 13.4 million tons, of Vladivostok – by 3.2%, to 9.8 million tons, of De-Kastri - by 20.4% to 6.9 million tons, and Posiet - by 18.1% to 4.6 million tons. Port of Nakhodka cargo volume was down 5.5% on last year’s figure to 12.5 million tons.
Source: Portnews

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