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Buzyb Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd.
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Postal code:44000
AboutSince year 2009, Buzyb Shipping has grown from a world famous shipping & freight B2B web site services portal to offers a wide range of international and domestic freight transportation- and shipping services. We are located in Islamabad with presence in China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Sudan, and focus mainly on China, Africa, US, Europe, CIS, and ASEAN countries.
With over 20 years of combined experience in the shipping, freight & logistics made it possible to offer best service with competitive rates.

Because we always work with the deep understanding and keep in mind of how your business and valuable shipments are so important to handle with care and to reach in time.

Select best shipping/ air lines according to your need. Since every liner has some advantages, and disadvantages as well according to specific port. By our continues market study, we select proper carrier / line according to our customer need and desire.

We always try to avoid any possible risk in international/local trade, that may be disastrous for your business, your shipments, and your customers, in terms of documentation handling, quick & timely completion.
Dispute Avoid-By following up concerned rules and regulation of liner, port, and customs.
Cost Control- By ensuring error free flow of shipment cycle.

AFTER SALESSERVICE: To strengthen cliental , this part is very important by solving many issues like detention, demurrage, damages possible delays, manifestation / documentation issues etc.

LOGISTICS ARRANGEMENTS: Shipments and equipment movement is monitored throughout the complete shipment cycle.
In both in import and export, we coordinate with load/ dis port about empty release. Arranging transport, customs clearance. Vessel selection, loading, discharge, delivery, empty return.
Monitoring equipment movement of booking from container yard to shipper/ consignee warehouse, till the shipment cycle completes and full equipment delivered and returned empty safely.

CUSTOMER CARE: We keep close relation with business community, try to retain loyal and develop new customers, face to face meeting and maximize customer satisfaction, while special care to contractual/ big customers.

We have vast experience to handle transport for safe and timely delivery of many kinds of different products as there are more than 400 commodities exported from Kingdom, and thousands of imported and need special care

Therefore, we would be most honored to offer your respectful Co of our services, or you may call us any time to discuss our services in a greater detail.

CIS Service "Commonwealth of Independent States" (Ex-Soviet Union states of Asia side)
We do have provision to serve these countries from outside world.
Via Ukraine
Via Estonia
Via Latvia
Via Lithuania.
Via Bandar Abbas
One of other important part of our services is transportation from Bandar Abbas to CIS destinations, CIS countries including Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. There are big volumes of cargo which is being transmitted via Iran to these destinations by rail or road. the cargoes are being transported in different ways, i.e. , multimodal movement by rail, truck and sea (via Caspian sea) and direct rail and trucking transportation through existing trucking borders of Iran as Iran enjoys best position for transiting cargoes to above mentioned countries. Our counterparts are currently moving regular cargoes from Bandar Abbas to different destinations in CIS-even to the farthest by tuck or rail. we also offer transportation services to Caucasian states including Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and Russia.
-New Start Up of Shipping Business.
-Re-structuring Of Existing Business.

This Million of TEUs market, has a great potential. But the huge growing shipping & logistics business is still being handled by fewer hands.
The Middle east countries in general and Saudi Arabia as particular, has been a preferred choice for many wanting to establish shipping / logistics/ maritime business operations.
To set up is often viewed as a daunting process especially in this region for shipping & freight business. For most small to medium sized companies, uncertain of the many local requirements and market information.
But this is not a problem now even if you are .
-Local company.
-Investment company.
-Joint venture with a local one.

We are experienced in all aspects of Liner shipping, container fleet control, cost control, container maintenance & repair, inland trucking, container leasing, new Business Development in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Sudan, and Pakistan. Also expert in start-ups and in re-structuring existing logistic and shipping company operations, pricing and marketing.

-Local office set up.
-Correspondence with propose

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