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Global Logistics Solutions Ltd (GLS)
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AboutGlobal Logistics Solutions Ltd (GLS) was founded in 2006 around the principles of efficiency and organisation. Our goal is to provide customers an easier way to ship a product and a more streamlined way to find the right shipping requirements.

GLS is a privately held, third party logistics provider that helps business entities design and operate efficient supply chains. GLS prides itself on its global reach without sacrificing personal attention. We understand the importance of each shipment and go above expectations to deliver excellence.

Through our flexible programs, educated logistics coordinators and online capabilities we found a way to satisfy both parties and save them money. Our flexible infrastructure, professional staff, and state of the art technology allow GLS to adapt with the environment and pass the savings on to our customers.

GLS serves everyone from small businesses to multi-national companies. We can handle nearly every type of shipment and have customers from every corner of the World.

GLS is committed to exceeding all of our customer's expectations on a daily basis. We understand it is a competitive business and that is why we stick to deliver global capabilities without compromising personalised service.

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