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R & B Shipping Agency Ltd
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Phone+230 54759381
AboutR & B Shipping Agency Ltd, is a Port Agency which assist Ship-owners and Private Maritime Security Companies in full Shipping & Logistics services in Port Louis, Mauritius at Inner port and Outer port Limit area.

We do also provide Freight and Logistics services either by Air or Sea, Customs formalities, Transport and Warehousing.

With its position in the Indian Ocean region, Port Louis is used as a maritime platform by several Ship-owners and PMSC o/b different vessels: Bulk Cargo, Tankers, Container, Oil Rigs, Drilling and Research vessels among others, when transiting through the Mauritian territory.

During the past years, the PMSC have been using Port Louis for embarking and disembarking their Security Guards, equipments and accessories due to a vast facilities available for the smooth transfer of their personnel for Cargo vessels, Rigs, Tankers, Tugs... This also allows the Ship-owners to proceed at the same time with any husbandry services, crew change, shipchandling, transfer of spares etc.

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