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Simplextrans Ltd
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Phone37379566662 37322929515
Postal code:MD-2005
AboutSimplextrans - rail freight forwarder Moldova, Romania and CIS and forwarding services in the ukrainian ports

We would like to inform You that "Simplextrans" company performs complete service on forwarding transit, export and import freight in Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Romania, CIS, Europe and third countries by rail, sea and in intermodal transportation (including the use of ferries).
Having a wide network of partners in territory of the CIS, the Baltics and the third countries (the forwarding companies, customs brokers, forwarders in the ports of Ukraine and Russia etc.) our company is ready to solve any problems of our clients on delivery of cargoes in any directions.
We have experience in transportation of extra, oversize and heavyweight freights by rail (drilling installation, machines and equipment).
Feature of our company is simplicity and efficiency in work with clients, hence the name "Simplextrans". It means, that we are trying to simplify as much as possible the process of transportation and to minimize clients cares and the actions related to the transportation process.

The efficient collaboration with multiple organizations is essencial in accomplishing the forwarding and transportation tasks. Simplextrans has tight relationship with the following partners:
- forwarding agents in CIS, Europe and Asia
- sea and truck forwarding agents
- customs brokers
- "Garant Service" (Ukraine)

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