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Edwardo Marine Services Co.
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Phone+20 66 3240222
Fax+20 66 3322134
Postal code:42111
AboutEdwardo Marine Services is an Egypt-based general marine supplier operating in all Egyptian ports. Our company was established in Port Said, in 1969.

Along with our multiple services, we provide vessels with charts and publication that are only available through us; like SC1, SC2, R11 and Suez Canal Rules of Navigation. We are proud to say that we are the solo disturber of these publications in Egypt.

Our credible, resourceful and efficient team will be pleased to get your quotation and inquires around the clock and around the world.

Verified as Member of:

- ISSA Quality
- ISO 9001
- ISO 14001
- HACCP Certified
- OHSAS 18001/2007
- ISO 9001:2008
- ISO 22000:2005

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