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United Mediterranean Shipping - UMS
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Postal code:42111
AboutAgency Services

*Suez Canal Transit

*Vessel, Yacht , Tug and Towing Vessel agency

*Suez canal transit arrangements

*Parcels Clearance & Forwarding

*Transshipment Contractors

*Stevedoring & Cargo Operations

*Crew Change & Medical Services


Our supplies and services

*Food Provisions & Bond stores
*Cabin Stores
*Deck Stores
*Safety Equipments
*Engine Stores
*Electrical Stores
*Chemical Products
*Consumable Rope
*Consumable BA Charts &AS Charts, All Kinds Of Publications

If your vessels need a quotation of some service in Suez Canal area, can you contact with our e-mail, That we will drift it to the Technical Dept. corresponded, and, on the short time, you will receive the answer.

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