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Postal code:16000
AboutGd day dear
Consignee agency, protective agency and full agency services -- Assistance to chartering (Brokerage services) -- Fully familiar with the all cargo r Charter-Party and its terms and conditions -- Competitive pro-forma D/A agency commission lpsum no less 700 usd no more 1450 usd -- Quickest possible turnaround -- Issuance of cargo documents -- Laytime calculation (Burmester & Vogel - SoF transferred directly into your laytime calculation - no re-typing required) -- On-spot supervision during vessel's operation -- Troubleshooting on minor disputes between Shippers and Master -- High-skilled and trained staff -- Daily updates on loading/discharge progress -- Port D/A within 3 weeks after vessel's sailing Husbandry Services: -- Crew change including airport meeting, transportation & visa arrangements -- Clearance & Delivery of ship's spare parts -- Bunkers supply -- Fresh water supply -- Garbage removal -- Port State Control related issues -- to handle the vessel under our clos! e supervision. We will be pleased to work closely with you to serve as your shipping agency at load port, or as your shipbrokers to fix the vessel should you purchase cargo on FOB basis. Please contact me anytime, our full coordinates are as follows:
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