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Ever Master International Logistics (Hong Kong) Co Ltd
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Phone86(0)21 55960661 86
Postal code:200086
AboutScope of services:

Containerized cargo worldwide sea freight
-container load FCL:Full
-container load LcL:Less
-worldwide Air Shipment
Trans-border China Truck shipments
Warehousing and distribution
Part and Full chartering
Custom clearance,lmport permits & export declaration
Catgo insurance
Global logistics service and project management
Arrange cargo pick up, packing shipping and delivery
-certificate of origin,consular documentation and legalization
Cargo status update,pre-alert & Proof of delivery.
Product loading and unloading to/from truck or container
Air freight and ocean freight consolidated services
Dangerous goods,chemicals,motor vehicle,raw and processed materials act.
Palletization of product
Inventory control & activity report
Multi-Service logistics and distrbution

Warehousing operations provide a variety of services such as storage facilities, loading, packing, palletizing and distribution.
Company provides long or short-term storage of shipments, regardless of weight, size or climate-control requirements.

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