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Sea King Marine Services Ltd
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Postal code:4100
AboutSea King Marine Services Ltd is a leading Shipping Agent, Technical Services & Ship Supplier in Bangladesh. Our services are available in Chittagong, Matarbari, Payra & Mongla port. It complies with the standards of ISO-9001:2015 & MLC 2006.

Our services are- Vessel agent, Port agent, Trump & Liner & OPA. C&F support. Pilotage support. Cargo Handling. Discharging supervision. Stevedoring support. Warehousing Support. Arranging Cargo condition, Quality & Quantity inspections. On-spot Barge / Lighter/ Trailer/ Tugboat/ Covered Van arrangement. Arrangement of conditional surveys, on/off hire surveys & Cargo surveys. Crew Recruitment. Crew Repatriation. Technical Support. Lifeboat inspection & servicing. Hatch cover repair & inspection. Underwater inspection, survey & repair. Installation, Modification & Fabrication. Marine Supply. Paints, Chemicals, Fuel Oil & Lubricants Supply. Spare parts & Reconditioned Machinery Supply. Cash to Master. Sludge/Greywater/Bilgewater & Oil removal. Logistics Support. Fresh Water Supply. Husbandry support.
Contact person: Sheikh Fatema, +8801861029597(WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype) mail:

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