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AboutActive Ship Management is a leading third party ship manager, managing a wide range of ship types for owners from all over the world. We also provides a number of ancillary services to its clients including new building and conversion projects, sale and purchase of vessels, crew management, vessel chartering, port agency & supplier or vendor appointment. Active Ship Management's corporate headquarter is in United Kingdom (UK) and the company has an accounts office in Bangladesh (BD) And we have as well as agents all over the world.

Active Ship Management has been managing ships since 1996. During that time Active Ship Management has managed over 900 ships of all types from yachts to VLCCs and has gained great experience working for and alongside listed companies, traditional ship owners, investment companies, trading houses and state-owned shipping companies. Over the years, Active Ship Management has fostered close ties with some of the world's leading financial institutions and is well recognized as a leading ship management company.

Our ship management services include:

- Ship Management
- Port agency management
- Vendor or Supplier management
- Technical ship management
- Crew management
- Marine safety quality management
- Insurance services
- New building and conversion projects
- Travel services
- Commercial and project management
- Ship inspection
- Bunkering Service

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