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JMH Logistics Limited. was founded in 2007 by long-established and successful international freight forwarding entrepreneurs equipped with quality transportation and logistics concepts. A young and dynamic organization, JMH possesses equally rich and unique resources in international freight forwarding and customs house brokerage services such as valuable logistical solutions and the latest technological aids.
The founders of JMH felt there was a clear demand from shippers and consignees to be provided with freight forwarding services of the highest levels of industry standards. To this end, each has committed to the practice of totally ethical principles and the company's guarantee of reliable, honest and efficient freight forwarding.

Every major port in the world, both air and ocean is serviced by our organization. Our main office, which is located in Dhaka is linked with exclusive freight forwarders in each country of the world.

JMH's team of enthusiastic and talented professionals offers combined experience across a wide range of industries. Our independent overseas partners are appointed after careful screening to ensure our policy standards are not compromised.

The JMH concept ensures total satisfaction to both shippers and consignees and builds strong long-term relationships with our clientele wherever they are based. JMH services clients in almost all industry sectors in all aspects of logistics management. In addition to providing all modes of transportation services, JMH also offers high-level consultancy in trade regulations

Mission statement
JMH is a fully oriented worldwide service provider with dedication for serving the Logistics market by an international network.

Our goal is for our customers to provide continuous services with an excellent out-put to any port of the globe by single JMH mark

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